Fashion talk and other content boosting your sustainable self. Welcome to our blog the fine edit. We show you the newest trends and how to style them. Consciously. #inspo

Your quick guide to more sustainable laundry

Want to know some more ways you can incorporate sustainability into your routine? Why not start with laundry! There are loads of way you can be more ecofriendly when washing your clothes, check out this article for our top tips.

Getting started on your sustainable style journey

Ever find yourself overwhelmed with all the conscious fashion? The buzzwords? The materials? The brands? Well no fear – we’ve created a free guide for you to download to get your head around the whole thing! Download it by signing up here.

The best of Manchester’s sustainable scene

And on the Sixth day, God made Man(chester) – one of the greatest cities in the world. If you’r ever planning on visiting, make sure you’ve read this guide for all things sustainable in the city – from organic foods to vintage fashion.

A comprehensive guide to the best chick flick outfits (ever)

The chick-flick is the best film genre of all time and nobody can tell us otherwise. Strong female protagonists flaunting strong necessary outfits? Hell yeah. Here are 7 of the best outfits ever portrayed in the chick flick realm.

I did Veganuary and this is my surprising conclusion

fineyellow’s graphic designer, Aya, takes on Veganuary. A month-long commitment to plant-based eating. Little did she know that it would, in some sneaky ways, be harder than she thought. Read on to see just how it went.

Becoming conscious – 4 resolutions for 2019

It’s late December and you know the drill by now: time to think of a New Year’s Resolution. This time, it’s gunna last (or even at least through January). We’ve got a few options for you, instead of just bettering yourself, why not better the planet?


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