Your quick guide to more sustainable laundry

Okay so if you’re a regular here, you already know the effects of fast fashion on the environment. Without boring you with the depressing details, there’s one simple way you can help combat this.

Buy less, care more.

Your clothes will last a lifetime if they’re high quality and well-cared for (saving you a lot of money)

So why should you want to wash your clothes with care?

  1. Your clothes will last longer
  2. You’re saving the planet
  3. You’re preserving memories (cliche but it’s true!)

Wash at 30

High temperatures really aren’t necessary. Washing at 30 still cleans your clothes, excepts its much more energy efficient which in turn will save you money. Plus you help the environment and preserve the quality of your clothes.  

Wash Less

The truth is, you don’t have to wash those shirts every time you wear them. If they’re not stained, hang them up and let them breathe. You can even hang clothes outside to give them a freshen up. Natural fabrics like wool, linen, silk, and cotton tend to keep themselves pretty clean anyway, so you don’t really need to wash them as much as other materials. You can even just handwash them to give them a little freshen up – it’ll save them from the harsh movements of the washing machine.

Buy Better

Try to avoid polyester! However, if you’ve already got some polyester clothes or find yourself buying more, remember to wash them with a Guppyfriend bag! Each time you wash a polyester garment, tiny pieces of plastic particles are released into the waterways, a guppyfriend catches these and stops microplastic pollution. So next time you’re buying clothes, opt for natural fibres. Not only are these biodegradable and won’t pollute our waterways, but they’re also just generally better quality!

Air Dry

We all know and love the convenience of a dryer, but we can’t deny that clothes are much better when they’ve been able to breathe the air outside. Even when this isn’t possible (say you don’t have a garden) use a clothes horse inside and open a window. Bonus points for this one as it saves you money on your energy bill, too!

Hand Wash

If you’re having a lazy Sunday, why not hand wash some of your clothes? You can fill up the sink or bathtub (which uses more water but less energy) and leave your clothes in there to soak and give them a scrub to get the dirt out.

Use Eco-Friendly Detergent (Or Make Your Own)

Lots of detergents have harmful chemicals in that affect not only your skin but the environment, too. When possible, opt for eco-friendly brands that use natural ingredients, or even try soap-nuts. If you want to be extra careful (and save money), you can make your own with washing soda, soap, white vinegar and essential oil.  

Avoid Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners use a lot of harmful chemicals to clean clothes, so only use one when you absolutely have to and when this happens, try to opt for one that’s as eco-friendly as possible. Usually, ‘dry-clean only’ clothes can be hand washed and then left to dry and they’ll be just fine.

All in all, there are things you can do each day to help the environment, even it’s just a little bit. It’s all about becoming more conscious step by step, so why not start with something like laundry? If you’re looking for more tips on how to be fashion conscious – download our free conscious fashion guide here.