Power your day in style with these workwear essentials

In true Elle Woods fashion, we know it’s possible to look good whilst running around being busy business women. How do I become the corporate goddess in real life? Well, read on!

Essentially, it’s comfort, comfort, COMFORT. There’s no productivity happening if you’re not comfortable and when you’re comfortable, you’re more confident. It’s a win-win. Sadly though, this does mean a somewhat serious comfort, so no pyjamas (sorry). Good news though, serious doesn’t equal boring and bland, creativity is key here.

Ultimately, your office appropriate outfits are down to your personal style and circumstances. Is your office laid back? Or are you gonna be penalised for wearing a colour that isn’t neutral? The great thing is that we are women so we are not bound to wearing a suit day-in-day-out. Be creative within the boundaries of your workplace.

Let’s walk through it.

Tops are probably the easiest part. The only rule here is no crop tops and nothing see through enough to see your nipples. Easy enough, right? You have two options: keep the top plain and pair it with funky trousers. Or keep the top funky and pair it with plain trousers.

Turtlenecks like this one from Tauko are inoffensive, warm and look great with a pair of high waisted trousers. Even a white shirt goes a long way with the right accessories. Plus, 90s white is making a big comeback atm. White goes with everything and pairs amazingly with black contrasting pieces. Just make sure you keep the outfit looking slick and elegant by avoiding pairing it with bright colours and tones, keep it simple with white shoes, silver/gold jewellery and a neutral coloured bag.

Blazers are the perfect opportunity to create your power outfit. Choose one that you’re going to feel ultra confident in. If you’re in a male dominated environment (as sadly many offices are), now’s the time to reinterpret menswear and show them who’s the girl-boss.

Match your blazer to your trousers and show off a supersuit like the Human Suit from Rhumaa or switch it up and go completely different. Hell, you don’t even have to wear the blazer, just drape it over your shoulders for an effortless yeah-I’ve-got-my-shit-together look. A blazer like The Blazer Matisse is still an ultimate classic. It can be styled with any outfit and makes every look that bit more elegant. Pair it over a white shirt and some fitted trousers for an unforgettable black/white look.

Rhumaa - Human Blazer
The Human Suit

Either way, just make sure it’s tailored (or that it just fits properly). There’s nothing worse than a baggy blazer. This doesn’t even have to be expensive, find an affordable suit and bring it to a tailor yourself. This way you’ll save a load of money and still have a perfect fitting suit.

Trousers, and I mean trousers, not jeans. It’s the safest option yeah, you could spend your entire life in jeans. Night out? Jeans. Office? Jeans? Wedding? Jeans.

(ok maybe not, but tbh I probably would if I could)

The issue with jeans is that they make you lazy, so we’re banning them for the time being. It’s possible to wear office trousers and still look cool. They don’t have to be the typical straight legged slacks you’re thinking of, they can be culottes, high waisted, bright pink or patterned – whatever you want. It’s easy to make office trousers into a look – match them to your blazer or style them up with a cute blouse.

Again, like the blazer, just make sure they fit properly. If not, it can throw off the whole outfit.

Dresses and skirts are easy as they always look like you’ve made an effort. Although they’re a perfect fit – remember that office-appropriate dresses don’t always have to be black and asymmetrical. Just go with what you feel is best for your style and your office environment.

Shoes. It’s pretty much, all the time, all about the shoes. To look professional and feel comfortable loafers, boots and flats are your best friend. Heels of course will make any outfit glamorous – but don’t forget that you have to make it through an entire day with them. If combined right even trainers can be worn to work. They can keep a relatively businessy outfit low-key and above all else, they’re comfortable to wear all day.

It can be really hard to express yourself in the confines of four office walls. This is where accessories really have their time to shine. Scarves and chunky earrings can all add to your outfit, but they’re so small that they won’t overpower or make it inappropriate for work. Here, you can play with texture, patterns, and colour to really make an impression.

Ultimately, wear what makes you feel confident. As confidence in the workplace is key. If bright colours work for you, rock ‘em. If you prefer to stay conservative, you do you. It’s all about personal style.

Like what you see? There’s more where that came from.

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