Top pieces to set you up for spring

Spring is finally here. The clocks have sprung forward and we’re blessed with longer light-filled evenings (also Game of Thrones is back, so that too). We know what this weather means though, super cold mornings and hot hot afternoons. This can make outfit choices just a little more difficult as you need to have to consider some minor tweaking throughout the day. It seems the key to nailing the springtime outfit is a wardrobe full of basics (can you tell we love basics? If you’re a regular reader, I’m sure you know). But once you’ve got our basics sorted, you can add in pieces here and there to keep it current.

The jumpsuit

Thank God for the jumpsuit. Dress lovers, skirt lovers and trouser loves alike can all come together to admit that the jumpsuit just may be the ultimate springtime outfit. They keep you covered from the brisk for when it’s not its not quite warm enough to wear skirts and dresses. Yet, when the sun is shining they’re easy, breezy, beautiful. The Virtue Printed Jumpsuit from Rhumaa is just the piece you need.

The casual dress

But, if you are a fan of dresses, do we got you. The Meryl dress from Shipsheip is our current favourite. Relaxed, flattering and elegant. Plus, you can wear a pair of trousers underneath for an entirely different look.

The white shirt

A white cotton shirt is a staple for any wardrobe and it’s a springtime favourite. Light, casual, and easily paired with pretty much any other garment. A trend we’re expecting to see this Spring is white baggy cotton shirts tucked into cycling shorts.

The bag

Let’s face it. Who even uses a massive handbag anymore? Bumbags are here and they’re here to stay because they’re just so damn convenient. Now the evenings are lighter and the weather is warmer, you’re gunna be out and about a lot more. So throw your phone, purse and keys in this one and you’re ready to go.

    Beautiful beige

    One trend we’ve noticed is making an appearance is the colour beige. All those beige basics sitting in my wardrobe finally have their calling? Not only are they the perfect foundation for great outfits but now they’re on trend! Sustainable fashionistas are winning.

    Easy longsleeves

    Little longsleeves like these are great because they can add a pop of colour to the outfit. Also, they’re pretty warm for when it’s cold in the morning and you can layer them, yet thin enough to keep you cool when the sun makes an appearance.