Bend in style with these yoga essentials

You know what’s super annoying? Dragging yourself out of bed to get to the yoga studio, only to turn up and be surrounded by gorgeous technicolour insta-yogis. Perfectly patterned leggings, the best yoga mat you’ve ever seen, and a matching backpack to hold it all, of course. Then the camera pans to me, black leggings (with a hole on the knee), a very-nearly snapped hairband and a 6 year old sports bra that’s definitely seen better days.

Just yesterday, my namaste-neighbours inspired me to rethink my black-could-also-be-worn-on-the-couch yoga look and be a bit more creative. ime to refresh my workout wardrobe, but I’ve gotta be smart about it. Here in Berlin (among other places, I’m sure) getting out of bed in spring means facing the freezing cold, only for the afternoon to become a sauna. So, layering is an absolute must. Even when it starts to snow (yes, in spring???), you can layer up with a thick-ass jumper and when the sun decides to make its appearance a couple of hours later, you can strip down to your bralette and breathable tee.

See below for our favourite yoga brands with outfits that look good, do good and make you feel amazing when working out.


First things first is the bralette. While yoga is a pretty low impact activity, a good, solid sports bra is fundamental to any outfit. Our top picks are the Hey Honey Yoga, Vyayama and Silou London. All of which are seamless, breathable, and sweat absorbent.


While we understand that you are anything but basic, sometimes it’s essential to have a basic tee in your wardrobe to throw on pre and post workout. Breathable cotton is the best fabric, which you can find from Jungle Folk, Spiritual Gangster and Armedangels.


Stretchy, comfy, flattering pants are just what you need to complete the basics of your outfit. Whether it’s skin-tight yoga leggings from Hey Honey or Girlfriend Collective or a pair of trackies from Lanius, comfort and flexibility are key.


Layering, layering, layering. While we love to Namastay in bed all day (especially on those cold mornings), these sweatshirts make leaving that bed just a little bit more bearable. Our favourites are from Spiritual Gangster, Hey Honey Yoga and Vyayama.


Light, bouncy trainers that’ll last are also high on the agenda – so grab yourself a pair of Vejas, Allbirds or Wados.  Wear these while practicing, at work, or on the way to a bar in the evening – they’re a staple piece that make any outfit.


Outfit? Check. Moving on to accessories. If you’ve got your life together enough to own your own mat and not just borrow from the studio, our pick is the simple yet sleek Black Mat Pro from Manduka. This mat is designed to last a lifetime, is 100% latex free and was produced with emissions free manufacturing. Also, grab yourself a reusable water bottle from S’well. They have a huge range of colours and patterns, so even adding one of these bottles to your all black outfit will make you stand out from the yogi crowd