Sustainable style crush with Greenfashionista

Say hi to Madeleine aka Greenfashionista – our latest sustainable style crush from Scandinavia. Growing up in Sweden, sustainability was just a normal part of society. So for Madeleine, thinking about the environment has always been a top priority, whether its by recycling the rubbish or avoiding overconsumption.

“I think it is so important to understand how our actions affect the planet and the people and to not be nonchalant and believe that what you do doesn’t make a difference, because it does!”

In terms of fashion, Madeleine’s always loved it and had a flair from combining different styles from a young age. She used to take her dad’s shirts or her mum’s sweaters, add a belt and make it her own.

So why is Madeleine our sustainable style crush atm? Well…

She’s not afraid of colour

Sustainable fashion doesn’t mean you have to just wear muted colours, there’s a whole world of bright, beautiful clothing out there for you to explore and Madeleine proves that! Her outfits are always popping with colour and turquoise looks like a favourite!

Photography: Michelle Äärlaht
Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht 

But also knows how to keep it simple

Going for a more minimalist look? Keep those bright colours in your wardrobe for today. These outfits from Madeleine are simple yet sweet. We love the white tee, blue skirt and a pair of trainers. So simple but looks so good!

Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht
Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht 

She loves a long, flowing skirt

The ideal summer outfit is an ankle-length skirt, even better with florals. These are versatile and Madeleine shows us that they don’t always have to be dainty. Wear them with baggy jumpers for when it’s a bit colder out for something cozier and out of the ordinary.

Photographer: Magdalena Machlowska
Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht 

But hey, trousers are cool too

Skirts are cool, but trousers are cooler. Bright red or black, Madeleine shows how slick a pair of trousers can make an outfit look. Especially when paired with a white shirt and a trench coat.

Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht 
Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht

What we love about Madeleine is her playful demeanor, her blog is bright and fun and her outfits are never boring. You know you’re gunna be inspired whenever you go on her blog!

We’d like to thank Madeleine for being our sustainable style crush this week! If you enjoyed this post, check out Madeleine’s blog at and instagram at for more info and inspo. 

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