Sustainable Style Crush with Livia van Heerde

A woman on a mission to fight climate change and slave labour, we introduce to you Livia van Heerde, fair fashion, vegan and sustainable lifestyle advocate. As a student of environmental science, the climate crisis is an emergency close to Livia’s heart, she no longer wants to contribute to the environmental problems of the world, so instead, she’s part of the solution.

Although never having formally studied fashion, its something she’s fallen in love with and has loved experimenting with over the years – but social responsibility and sustainability still remains the top priority. Around 4-5 years ago, Livia read about the unethical practices of fashion brands and continued to educate herself more and more. She made the decision to boycott fast fashion, unsustainable and unethical brands and discovered the world of ethical fashion alternatives. For over three years now, Livia has been buying from fair fashion brands and second-hand stores and exclusively supports ethical fashion brands and boycotts irresponsible fashion labels. Her blog shows people that you can dress ethically and sustainable without sacrificing style.

Livia’s our Style Crush this week because of her passion for the cause. Her elegant, sleek, and minimalist style that proves to anyone, that ethical fashion doesn’t minimise style.

Minimalist Chic

One thing we’ve learned from Livia is that 1) a smart-casual look always looks good 2) stick with minimalist colours. Blacks, greys, whites can all be mixed and matched to create a lot of different outfits that all look great. We love the all-black playsuit topped with a grey blazer and a pair of chunky black heels. The simplest of outfits but incredibly effective in providing that sleek-chic.

The Trusty Trench

If you’re still looking for a reason to purchase a trench coat – let this be it. Livia demonstrates how an all-black outfit topped with a trenchcoat makes for the perfect effortless outfit. Or take it up a notch and match it with a cool pair of shoes, like her striped boots (which we’re obsessed with, btw).


Accessories = important. For summer, a pair of sunglasses you love is a pure necessity. Not only are they protecting your eyes & skin from the sun, but they’re an easy accessory to add to an outfit. We love Livia’s translucent grey ones – they’ll go with everything! A pair of simple yet statement earrings are always a good idea, too, like these gold hoops.

Black on Black

One inspiring thing about Livia’s style is that she shows how black always works – even in the summer. We love her layering of black on black, a favourite being the pair of breezy culottes against the long jacket. Her little black dress paired with a pair of knee high boots also look fabulous.

Love Livia’s style as much as we do? Check out her instagram and blog.