Don’t Snooze on Sleepwear – Here Are Our Top Six

Remember that phase when magazines and blogs were trying to sell us wearing pyjamas in the daytime? To parties and to even to work? Yeah, I’m glad that ended. Pyjamas belong in the bed and that’s where they will stay. The only exception is when you’ve gotta run to the shop to get milk (or a share-bag of crisps), then it’s (partly) acceptable.

For those of you that don’t sleep naked and embrace the brilliance of a cute matching pair of pyjamas, this article’s for you. For those of you that aren’t yet convinced, here’s the list of benefits of looking stylish while you sleep:


  • Makes you look like you have your life together from dusk til’ dawn
  • No scrambling for clothes in the middle of the night when you need the loo
  • Yes, I forgot to take my makeup off last night, but look at my pyjamas!
  • You could probably (definitely) wear a silk nightgown on a night out and no one would even notice


So if that’s convinced you, here’s a selection of the cosiest comfies to add to your Christmas list.

Desmond & Dempsey

Howie Pineapple Print Long PJ Set

We’ll begin with the classics. These pineapple printed pyjamas are the perfect product to lounge and sleep in. Made from 100% cotton, they’re light, breathable, and needs fewer washes (perfect for the lazy among us). D&D meet with their factories at least four times a year to ensure the most ethical production.


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Luva Huva

Japonica Babydoll & Short Set

Ever find that you become a human radiator while you’re sleeping? Then this one’s for you. This babydoll set is the cutest ever and comes with shorts instead of longer trousers. Made from the softest bamboo jersey, these are gonna be no stranger to comfort. Luva Huva make sure to reduce waste by using deadstock fabric wherever possible and creating unique limited edition items.


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Calida Switzerland

Soraya Pyjama Set

Calida Switzerland is one of our favourite European brands and they offer a huuuuge range of sexy sleepwear from nightdresses to onesies. All Calida pieces are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning they’re made with no harmful substances and in safe & responsible workplaces.


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Under The Cloth

Josephine Pyjama Set

Wholesome is the word for Under the Cloth. They say no to fads and trends and their pyjamas and built by collaboration, good workmanship & beautiful design. They produce their pyjamas in home workshops called cottage industries (the cutest). They have nightdresses, slippers and everything in between. My pick is the Josephine pyjama set! Made from the highest quality linen/cotton blend, it’s relaxed, comfortable and perfect for slouching.


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Drop Sleeve Nightie

A nightdress that you can throw on (keep on?) during the day, too. With roots in the UK and Norway, these are the embodiment of Scandinavian simplicity. I’m especially loving the drop sleeve nightie. It’s definitely an upgrade from that oversized-tee I’ve been wearing for years. Driven by sustainability and fair trade, all of Noctu’s pieces are made from 100% organic and fairtrade-certified cotton.


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Sile Cloth Kimono Loungewear Set

If you’re stocked up on pyjamas but still have space for a robe, try Oddbird. They have plenty of handmade, comfortable, cotton robes and kimonos that look great around the house (and as a day dress, too!)


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All in all, it’s pretty clear that pyjamas are the best clothes ever and these brands are offering some serious sleepwear goals. So slip into that matching set at evening, grab a glass of wine and you’ll be seriously winning at life.

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