6 knits that are (almost) better than grandma’s

There is absolutely nothing better than a huge cosy knitted jumper to curl up in when the weather is dreary and cold. They especially win bonus points for this time of the year when I’m using a chunky turtleneck to hide my post-Christmas double chin!

Whether you’re looking for an oversized chunky wool cape to protect you from the elements or just a slight, simple, knitted turtleneck – you’ll find them all here.


L’Envers are fighting fast fashion by transcending seasons with simple and sustainable luxury. Their luxurious knits are made from the highest quality natural materials and all pieces are knitted in family workshops in Spain by skilled artisans who love what they do. Materials include merinos wool, yak wool, mohair wool, and alpaca wool.

Arela Studios

Arela’s expertise lies in contemporary cashmere knitwear that are designed with a focus on colour, functionality and effortless elegance. They only use natural materials such as cashmere, cotton, merino and linen. All of which are produced ethically by skilled hands in Nepal, Latvia, China and Finland.

They care so much about their garments they even offer their own unique in-store care service for their knits, which includes washing, de-pilling and steaming.


Diarte are defined by modern Spanish knits, that are made in Madrid – the heart of Spanish fashion. All pieces are created with high quality European yarn with an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification (meaning basically that chemicals are used responsibly). Diarte are also another to transcend the barriers of seasonal clothing – so you can fall in love with each piece and wear it forever.

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Zue Anna

Welcoming Zue Anna, one of our latest additions to fineyellow! Based in Berlin, Zue Anna produce sustainable stylish knitwear made from merino wool. This brand is all about animal welfare and treat their sheep with the love and respect they deserve. Each piece is sewn by hand in Northern Italy and are of the utmost quality.

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I think it’s time we bring back the poncho, don’t you? Luckily, Aessai are here to fill all of our knitted poncho needs when you need that extra layer to keep you warm. Aessai are based in London and ethically produce their featherweight knits in Uruguay from fairtrade and luxury yarns.

Jungle Folk

Jungle Folk are based in Switzerland but each of their collections are handmade by artisans in South America. They use only sustainable and certified materials for their knits, such as high quality baby alpaca wool.

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Lanius love fashion, think organic and are responsible. Their clothes are made up only of natural materials, up to 70% of which are organic and their knits are made from the softest mixture of wool and cotton. These wools are also obtained on a strict no-mulesing policy!

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