Want to step up your sustainable basics? Read this first

Are you a fashion maximalist? Is outlandish your middle name? Is the word ‘basic’ even more terrifying to you than the thought of being boring? Well, basics really aren’t that scary. I can convince you.

Basics are important. You should always strive to have a hefty selection in your wardrobe. A plain white t-shirt? It’s an old friend you can always depend on. Simple, functional, easy to wear. If it’s comfortable and fits well, it’ll look good without much tweaking. So, having a big, beautiful basics collection is essential, but I’m not talking just a couple of white tees, I’m talking, socks, shoes, underwear, leggings, jeans. Anything that can be thrown together in the 6am before-work darkness, but still looks like it was intricately arranged the night before (the dream, right?).

If you’re already a basics-fan-girl that’s got a substantial capsule wardrobe, keep reading – I’ve got some amazing brands lined up that you’ll love. If you’re a fashion maximalist that is still not convinced, also keep reading, I think I can show you the light.


Frisur has a collection full of classic, yet current designs brimming with modernity. This makes them a great brand to fill your wardrobe with to ensure you’ve always got an outfit. Their Henrietta and Eva longsleeve shirts are the foundation of a great look.


Minimalist Maqu have some great building block pieces. The Inter dress can easily be thrown together with a pair of trainers which can be worn alone in the Summer or layered up with tights and a jumper in the winter.


Slow, luxury and practical fashion. If you’re looking for easy, comfortable long sleeves, dresses, crop tops and trousers, AVMM is perfect.


Näz strives for uniqueness, quality, design, minimalism, and, importantly, sustainability. Their latest collection provides a lot quality options for basics, such as their linen blazer and romper. Comfortable, simple and ready to wear on any day.

    Zue Anna

    A good quality knit is an essential for you and your outfits and what’s better than having one made of purely organic fibres from well-treated sheep? Zue Anna have a knit for every occasion.


    While Rhumaa are well-known for their artistic collections full of interesting designs, they also have a fantastic amount of basics to add to your wardrobe, like the Prosper Cotton or the Inner Moonlit top.


    The Finnish word for ‘pause’, Tauko take slow fashion to a new level. These high quality clothes will last in your collection for years to come and their array of basics will ensure you can create a massive range of outfits.

    Daniela Salazaar

    Daniela Salazar draws her inspiration from her colourful and laid-back Latin-American roots, as well as the minimalist, practical styles from the European Metropoles she lived in. So they created the perfect basics to compliment your wardrobe, like the White Organic Cotton Dress.


    Ethletic are the sustainable answer to converse. They’re perfect trainer to throw on with any outfit, as they go with pretty much everything, from dresses and skirts to a pair of jeans or culottes. Also, they’re 100% vegan.