Style it: The Jumpsuit

I’ve definitely found myself in a love-hate relationship with the jumpsuit. Sometimes, I feel like you have to be a 6ft supermodel for them to look good. And don’t even get me started on going to the bathroom. However, seeing more and more women of all shapes and sizes rocking the romper, I’ve realised they just have a bad rep. Style them right and they can look great on anybody.

Not sold yet?

Jumpsuits are the perfect outfit to make it look like you put in a lot of effort – when really all you did was step into it. It’s a win-win. Also, if you’re not a massive fan of dresses (like me, my leggs bruise like it’s going out of fashion), they’re the perfect alternative.

I’ve definitely been convinced, so I dove into looking at all the ways you can style a jumpsuit. The base I chose was the stunning Hana Jumpsuit from Elementy (but there are many more on fineyellow)

You can wear jumpsuits literally all the time – they’re versatile af. Lounging around at home? Jumpsuit. Big night out? Jumpsuit. Getting married? Jumpsuit! I’m being serious, Solange Knowles did it.

For special occasions or if you have a minimalist vibe going on – a straight up black jumpsuit is your best friend. It’ll never go out of fashion.

Look 1: Sleek

For a sleek look, opt for dark colours that define your figure. A high ponytail could really make this look extra professional.


– Pair your jumpsuit with a tailored jacket or blazer to reflect an hourglass figure. Go jazzy with the Sofa blazer or keep it cool with Frisur’s Helena Blazer.


– A black belt bag will cinch this look at the waist, giving your waist that extra definition.

Chunky Boots

– If you’re wearing this for professional affairs, a good chunky boot can still give you that lift whilst remaining comfortable if you’re walking around all day!

Look 2: Casual

For a casual look – do just that – keep it casual. Wear your hair down or in a loose pony. Colour looks better with casual styles, so if you love patterns and colour, here’s the perfect time to show it off.


– A pair of ethletic trainers will keep this look comfy and casual.


– Keeping it minimal? Opt for the black Crossover bag, or add some colour with a bright blue.

Look 3: Out Out


– High heels add a sophisticated flair but keep them slim otherwise they can overpower the look.

– Contrast your colours – match your belt and shoes to add dimension to the whole look.

Statement Jewellery

– Gold accessories go great with formal styles. Statement earrings or a statement necklace will bolden the outfit – but don’t overdo it with both.

– For a formal look – a polished updo like a slicked back pony or a bun will look amazing, and they’ll show off that statement jewellery.