Sustainable style crush with Jen Griswold

We stumbled across Jen Griswold on instagram recently and instantly fell in love with her  and her style. All the way over in sunny California (we’re slightly jealous!) – her style is a mix of relaxed, boho and often with a signature sunhat.

This week we had a quick chat about her fashion inspirations and experiences. It’s obvious that fashion has always been such an important part of her life. Jen believes that fashion is an art and style is the feeling it conveys. Even from 5 years old, she insisted on wearing pink high tops with her t-ball uniform and at 9 she begged her mum for a perfect floral Mexican dress – so it’s clear style has always been high on the agenda.

One thing we admire about Jen is that she prioritises style – not trends. The number one rule when deciding her outfits is comfort and the second is just wearing what she loves. Trends really aren’t that important. It’s about the way clothes and colours are put together and the feeling they project.

“I believe in wearing what makes me feel like me”

Jen Griswold

In true fineyellow fashion, Jen mentioned the importance of the role of the consumer in the world of fashion, as we’re becoming more and more aware of exactly where our fashion comes from, who makes it and the impact it has on our environment.  

Here are just a few reasons why we love Jen’s fashion choices:

She stays true to her style

We love the boho style Jen’s got going on – free flowing, warm colours, and totally relaxed. Her outfits look so effortless and her pictures are fun – you get so much personality flowing from her instagram.

But incorporates current trends, too

Boiler suits are everywhere at the moment. From sustainable brands like Madewell and Lucy and Yak. For a reason, too. They’re the coolest. Muted colours like this one Jen’s wearing are perfect for every day and look fab paired with a pair of Veja’s.

She matches a hat with everything

Not everyone can pull of the hat, that’s why Jen’s our style crush. She makes it look so simple and easy and proves that a hat can be added to any outfit – from dresses to jeans to jumpsuits.

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What we love about Jen is that her instagram is unique – it feels real, down to earth and her outfits are utterly attainable. It makes you feel like you’re following the adventures of a super stylish friend.