Regretting that Shopping Spree? Rehab Your Habits in 5 Crazy Steps

You did your best to resist, but you really couldn’t control yourself anymore. The allure of something new was just too seductive and you messed up.  Caught up in the moment, you just bought enough clothes to last you until Beyoncé’s next album (or twins).

Breathe, it’s all going to be ok. Here’s what to do next:

Step 1. Get on the guilt trip

Now would be a good time to remember why fast fashion is just the worrrrrst. Disclaimer – I’m a bit of a crier. It could be a movie, an article, or even a toilet paper commercial – you never know when those waterworks could appear.

But when it comes down to that €10 top (that I’ll likely downgrade to a pyjama after a few wears), I won’t feel even remotely bad about it or myself without bringing a bit of drama into the mix.

So what do I do? My go-to is opening Netflix and watching a documentary on the topic to remind myself why I even cared about this issue in the first place. A quick search of “fast fashion” online also gave me more than enough material to get started. Then I sit back, relax and watch until the tears start to flow.

Tip – have a few glasses of wine and your chances of crying will increase about 300%.

Step 2. Laugh it off (it could be worse)

I like to remember that I may have slipped up this time, but it could be worse. How do I know this? I open Youtube and watch the drama of Black Friday shopping.  

I’m sure you’ve heard of these crazy shoppers, the ones fighting over new shoes and who are one fashion binge closer to a brawl every.single.year.  

Then I realised my little fashion binge wasn’t really all that different.

Buying all that stuff without thinking was my subconscious’ way to bust down that door in a fury, fight my better judgement and gain quick satisfaction from a material item.  

But remember, it really could be worse. At least your moment of weakness wasn’t captured online for the world to see. And by now you’re already halfway through fashion rehab!

Step 3. Do more things without clothes

I can’t think of an easier way to make an 180 degree recovery from your binge. No more clothes, period.

Disclaimer: not wearing clothes is illegal in most cities and your new clothing-free lifestyle may confine you to your home or some remote wilderness.

Unless you’re in Germany, where there are about 150 nudist clubs across the country who would love a new member. 😉

One thing is certain: nudism can’t stop you from shopping. But the stares certainly will! It’s also one of the only new activities you can start without spending any money. Sweet.

If becoming a naturist isn’t your thing, why not change your mindset from “to-buy” to “to-do”? Spend time and effort on experiences instead of new clothes. It will definitely be easier than trying to explain your nudist phase to everyone. And less awkward by about a million percent.

Step 4. Eat more chocolate

Make a pact with yourself that every time you have a shopping binge, you also have a chocolate binge. Go ahead, indulge!

It’s a kind of sweet punishment to eat an ENTIRE chocolate bar. Make it two if just one little bar isn’t challenging enough.  

But here is the catch: you might soon start hating chocolate. And after a while the clothes won’t fit you anymore. See what I tricked you into? Ha!

Moral of the story? Too much of a good thing actually makes the thing less special, less enjoyable and no fun at all. And that’s exactly what fast fashion does – it satisfies the urge for something awesome with excessive consumption to the point that it kind of sucks.

Next time you want to binge, pick the choc, not the sweat shop frock!

Step 5. Say hello to the new you

You’ve guilt-tripped, gotten informed and eaten enough chocolate to get yourself through the winter. So what now?

Your first task is pretty easy – just return it. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded return. But it’s really not so bad! Plus when you get that refund, what was once old becomes new again. Say hello to “free money”, your best new (old) friend.

I’ll admit I turn into a little shopping monster too under the right conditions. And with enough sexy marketing and buying opportunities, it’s easy to lose control.

But what about using your buying power for good? Conscious fashion can be your sweet spot for shopping mindfully while supporting an amazing cause. You can wear beautiful clothes made by conscious brands who are actively changing the fashion industry for the better. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Congrats! You’ve now made it through fashion rehab. Time to say hello to the new you and your new friend – conscious fashion.

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