7 brands we fell in love with at Berlin fashion week

So Berlin Fashion Week kicked off on Monday with Bogner’s ice-cold opening show. A mixture of sportswear and club attire, could we expect anything less from Berlin Fashion Week? While it may not be the most world-famous fashion week, we sure are leading the way in terms of innovative designs and diverse looks that pay homage to this wonderful city full of world-class creatives. Yet, not only does the fashion look good, but it’s doing good, too. All of the fashion-week venues are bursting at the seams with sustainable, technological and innovative looks. This week, we were among the 70,000 visitors excited to see an edgy mix of shows with a range of looks inspired by Berlin itself, and that’s exactly what we got. Trends that stood out were oversized-wear, big puffy puffer jackets, chic sportswear, 80s neon, velour and lots of deep purples and maroons.  

This was what we saw at NEONYT – the global hub for all things sustainable, innovative and above all, fashion that does good. All brands that exhibit here have to meet NEONYT’s sustainability criteria, so we knew everything we saw was a perfect fit for fineyellow. From discussion panels to the NEONYT fashion show, it’s amazing to see the enthusiasm from everybody here – and their dedication to changing the world through fashion.

And here are some of our Berlin Fashion Week highlights:


Lots of warm, earthy colours, with deep ocean blues and greys in the mix. We noticed also lots of flowing patterns and details. Rhumaa were totally in line with this year’s Fashion Week Theme – water. Their latest collection was made especially to bring attention to our polluted waters.


Probably one of our favourite new brands, Nuuwaï will stun you with their range of vegan leather bags made from 50% apple skin. Who knew, right? By touch you couldn’t tell any different than normal leather as they are so soft, yet sturdy.

nuuwai vegan bags
nuuwai vegan bags


This was the largest exhibition at NEONYT and Lanius also featured at Premium, too. Lanius exhibited a huge collection full of nature-inspired colours, so expect to see lots of deep maroons, forest greens and taupes. They’re also bringing out gorgeous checked trousers and coats.

Lanius coat red
Lanius fashion week berlin

Jungle Folk

Jungle Folk will give us lots of wooly jumpers and warm coats, ranging from deep dark greys to bright yellow and warm rusts. This is totally in line with next season’s earthy tones trend.

Jungle Folk Fashion week berlin
Jungle Folk Fashion week berlin


Näz will provide their dainty, delicate clothes that are so utterly soft and silky wearing them will be an absolute dream. The colour theme is light and pastel, perfect for upcoming Spring.Näz will provide their dainty, delicate clothes that are so utterly soft and silky wearing them will be an absolute dream. The colour theme is light and pastel, perfect for upcoming Spring.

Näz fashion week berlin
Näz fashion week berlin


Shipsheip is full of detailed silhouettes tailored to the modern woman, with colours that mean you can keep this pieces in your wardrobe forever. These are going to be available to shop on fineyellow very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

ShipSheip fashion week berlin
Shipsheip fashion week berlin


While Armedangels had a lot of warm rusty browns like the other brands, they also surprised with bright springtime lilacs and deep purples. They also had an eye for checked trousers and a great range of blue jeans.

So, this year’s fashion week was a success, we saw lots of friendly faces and found lots of new upcoming brands, too. From springtime lilacs to deep earthy maroons and oversized puffers to sleek silhouettes, all of the collections were unsurprisingly beautiful and we can’t wait for the releases.