Becoming conscious – 4 resolutions for 2019

It’s late December and you know the drill by now: time to think of a New Year’s Resolution for 2019. Mine usually don’t last the whole year (or even the whole of January tbh), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try anyway. Besides, the same old resolutions like quitting smoking and going to the gym can be especially hard to stick to (and get quite boring after the fourth year running). So, this year, instead of trying to improve myself, I’m planning on bettering the planet.

Wanna try the same? Here are 4 sustainable resolutions to pick from:

Shop conscious fashion

As you can probably tell, here at fineyellow we’re pretty passionate about protecting the earth through promoting sustainable fashion. So we round up some sustainable resolutions if you want to be more conscious when thinking fashion:

1. Buy less clothes

Why not try going on a fashion fast? Here’s a whole article on how to do exactly that. It’s pretty straightforward, try giving up buying any clothes for a period of time (it’s daunting, but you’ve got this).

2. Only buy what you really need

Become more of a mindful shopper. It’s simple, whenever you’re out shopping and you see something you want, ask yourself:

do I really need it?

does it fit in with the clothes I own?

Quite often the answer is no. Give yourself a week and chances are you’ll have forgotten it even exists. You’ll save yourself money and you’ll stop the waste of resources created by the fashion industry! It’s a win-win.

3. Shop ethical brands

If you’re not quite ready to stop shopping completely (understandable) then why not pledge to shop only ethical brands? Lucky for you we have a website full of sustainable and fair brands and even more inspiration on our instagram.

Move towards a plant-based lifestyle

In the past couple of years we’ve witnessed the rise vegetarianism and veganism all across Europe and the USA. There’s a good reason for that. Animal agriculture is one of the highest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, so giving up meat is sure to halve your carbon footprint. Bonus points include: less animals are killed.

1. Go vegan!

This is for the super dedicated among you. Why not try Veganuary like some of the fineyellow Team! This is where you go vegan just for the month of January (of course, you can carry it on afterwards if you like!). If you sign up via the website, they’ll send you your free vegan starter kit, packed with meal plans, shopping lists, info & advice. Going vegan has never been so easy!

2. Reduce

Going vegan/vegetarian is a big lifestyle change and giving up meat can be pretty daunting, let alone going fully vegan. So start off with giving up just one aspect of your diet, such as meat, eggs, or dairy.

4. Shop vegan products

Commit yourself to buying only vegan/cruelty free products. There are some great fully vegan brands out there, like Collection and Co for stunning shoes, Hey Honey Yoga for top activewear and Votch for sleek vegan leather watches.

Reduce waste

This doesn’t mean going Zero Waste (but if you think you can handle it, defo give it a try). This just means reducing waste from aspects of your life.

1. Reduce single use plastics

Single use plastic seems small, but it defo adds up. Make the move to reusable coffee cups, metal straws, reusable lunch boxes, and products like the menstrual cup. You can also aim to avoid plastic packaged foods and cosmetics.

2. Reduce food waste

Food waste is also something you can aim to reduce in the New Year. Why not only buying what you need, freeze what you don’t use and maybe even start your own garden. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, it can be as small as growing some herbs on your windowsill. It means you’ll only use what you need (bonus: you’ll be saving yourself some cash).

Watch your CO2

Pretty much everything we do adds to our carbon footprint, so taking steps to reduce it is a sure way to show the planet some love.

1. Use public transport

Are you a person that always finds yourself in the car? Time to get out! That’s one easy way to cut down your CO2 emissions, stop driving everywhere! Walk, cycle or still drive but make sure you lift-share.

2. Shop locally

Make sure you buy seasonal goods that you can find locally.  This also benefits the planet as it removes the carbon footprint created from transporting goods around the globe. Try supporting locally producing fashion brands like ones that are based and produced in Europe.

You see? Sustainable resolutions don’t have to be difficult, they just take a bit of thought. Even cutting out one thing from your daily routine and replacing it with a sustainable alternative (metal straws, for example) is easy and makes a huge difference. We’d love to know how you’re getting on, so keep us updated in the comments below with your resolutions!