Help! How do I dress for this weather? Advice from the fineyellow team

This October, I packed my bags and moved from New York to Berlin. Within my first weeks here, the temperature went from a pleasant 18ºC to a chilly 2ºC, leaving me in a state of denial (see my choice to wear a mini dress here). I decided it was time to launch an investigation into how Berliners dress for the fall to winter transition and asked my coworkers to share their favorite outfits and pieces for the season.

The results? Outfit inspiration full of cosy layers, long jumpers, and autumn neutrals. Scroll through to see what we’re loving for the season!

Assunta, Founder

Sweater, second-hand from her mom. Pants, old H&M. Jacket, The Mercer NY

Assunta is fineyellow’s founder and hasn’t bought new clothes in over a year – now there’s a challenge that I would definitely fail. Her mom gave Assunta this jumper, which she used to wear when she was Assunta’s age. Fun fact: these pants ripped after this photoshoot, which is providing serious motivation to finally buy some sustainable denim.

Aya, Graphic Design

Scarf, Vintage. Coat, selfmade. Dress, Gestuz. Turtleneck, Coldwater Creek. Sweater, old Topshop. Pants, Zara. Boots, Cult. Bag, Sandqvist.

Originally from New York, Aya is now a student in Berlin and fineyellow’s graphic design intern. Her favorite pieces for fall are this green coat that she made herself (!!) and the Jones bag from Sandqvist, the brand that sparked Aya’s interest in sustainable fashion. Aya’s office superlative would have to be “most bundled up” so her advice for Berlin winter is fitting: wear layers!

Maddie, Creative

Trainers, Veja. Jeans, Dr. Denim Macy Jeans. Tee, second-hand. Jumper, Zara. Jean Jacket, Vintage Levi’s. Earrings, JY Earrings.

Maddie is a member of fineyellow’s creative team and a connoisseur of sustainable fashion brands. You can find her recommendations of where to look for everything from basics to boots on The Fine Edit. Which means you can definitely trust her recommendation for your new favorite conscious trainers brand. Maddie’s Vejas are a staple in her closet and her review of them is glowing – “I wear them every day, they’re comfy and go with everything.” Okay, I’m sold.

Naima, Marketing

Image Caption: Sweater, Everlane. Dress, old Reformation. Earrings, Anita Berisha. Shoes, second-hand. Jacket, Zara.

So this might have been the last day I could (kind of) comfortably wear a dress. But I plan on wearing my Everlane sweater and Anita Berisha earrings all winter long! The sweater is so warm, which is surprising for how light and thin it is. And I love these earrings! I found Anita Berisha’s jewelry via instagram over a year ago and have been obsessed. She designs and makes her jewelry in the Bronx.

Theresa, Business Development

Hat, knit by Assunta. Jumper, COS. Blouse, Zara. Trousers, Zara. Scarf, COS. Coat, Humanoid. Gloves, unknown cruelty-free brand.

Theresa recently joined fineyellow’s business team. Her favorite outfit this season includes lots of layers, including this hat that Assunta knit for her. Her tip for winter in Berlin? Invest in a good jacket! Theresa described this jacket as a sleeping bag with sleeves, and if #sleepleisure is not a reason to be excited for Winter, then I don’t know what is.

What are you wearing this season? And what looks are you most excited to break out for winter? Let us know in the comments!