A comprehensive guide to the best chick flick outfits (ever)

Although the chick-flick is arguably the best film genre ever, these films are constantly getting a bad rep. I mean, yeah they’re usually full of usually unnecessary romantic storylines, but they also have strong female protagonists who also tend to flaunt strong necessary outfits. If anything, it’s just fun. Here’s 7 of the best outfits ever portrayed in the chick flick realm.


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The mustard coloured co-ord that changed the world. This two-piece became the iconic outfit of the 90s and you can still see it worn to this day (either seriously, or as a halloween costume, but still – it’s getting the recognition it deserves).

When Harry Met Sally

Meg Ryan’s iconic orgasm scene has nothing on her outfits in this film. 80’s checked skirt suits bursting with shoulder pads and of course, oversized jumpers (and her oversized perm, too). As we’ve seen at Berlin Fashion Week 2019, all of this is definitely still in style. Try accessorizing it like Meg with a copy of ‘Too Smart for Her Own Good’, even though we know no woman is too smart for her own good.

Legally Blonde

Harvard law? What? Like it’s hard? Elle Woods taught us that beauty and brains definitely aren’t mutually exclusive. Our feminist icon took on law school better than her male counterparts and looked amazing whilst doing it. If bright pink isn’t your thing, you can always try out Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Living Coral, which is going to be everywhere soon.

The Devil Wears Prada

Andy’s outfits develop just as well as her character. Ranked at number 1 is her simple, elegant winter-white coat. Plus, a baker boy hat, because while she’s ultra-fashionable now, she still stays true to her own style.

The Notebook

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Allie Hamilton’s outfits consist of everything we wish was still in fashion today. Putting aside her famous baby blue flowing pinafore dress, time to focus on this underrated and effortlessly colour coordinated burgundy dress. Even with a matching fascinator. Flawless.

Pretty Woman

I can’t tell what’s best, Vivian’s original thigh high boots and long draping blood red blazer we get to experience at the start of the film, or her bright-white-i’m-rich-now dress with matching gloves. Either way, they both prove she’s a boss-ass-bitch.

Mean Girls

I couldn’t decide which Meal Girls outfit was my favourite, so here’s four (well, three, let’s not count Cady’s borrowed, oversized pink t-shirt). The mini skirt and pink top is just classic Mean Girls, noughties attire. Gretchen’s Burberry-esque checked skirt and bright pink knit is a personal highlight.

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