8 European labels you can’t afford to miss

As you’re probably aware, the European Parliament elections are coming up on the 23rd of May. So, don’t forget to go out and have your say. In light of these elections, we thought we’d showcase our favourite brands based within the European Union. Being an international team here at Fine Yellow, we love Europe. A continent that’s full of culture, languages, food and clearly, a LOT of sustainable fashion. I’d say that us Europeans are pretty woke, so there’s nothing we love better than supporting our local brands who are doing good for the planet.

Here is a list of a few EU-based brands we’ve got on our site:

Elementy Wear


Based in Warsaw, Elementy creates casual clothes for both him and her. In their own words, “we reinterpret classics”. All pieces are of high quality and made from natural, biodegradable fibres. Everything from manufacturing to packaging is made in their own workshop so you can be sure it’s fair, transparent, and local. Sounds good to us!



    Germany’s finest Frisur is a forward-thinking independent brand. Designs are classic but current, designed to outlast trends. Each piece is crafted from the highest-quality hand-picked materials, favourites are organic cotton, wool, and tencel. For Frisur, fair and local production is necessary so all suppliers are situated in the EU.



      The epitome of slow fashion, KEMP GADEGÅRD craft charming items that exert beautiful aesthetics, attention to detail and comfort. They possess the ideology that one’s wardrobe should be cared for and passed on to future generations, so each piece is made of high quality, organic, natural fabrics and released when it is ready – no collections, no trends.

        La Petit Mort


        A blend of Peruvian textiles and French styles, La Petit Mort offer timeless designs that are made to last. Here there are no collections if pieces are popular, they’re here to stay – new designs are added regularly.



        Näz is Portuguese and proud. They are 100% local, working with only Portuguese factories. The brand strives for uniqueness, quality, design, minimalism, and most importantly, sustainability. They produce clothes that fit in with a conscious modern lifestyle.



          (Yes, the UK is still in the EU. We haven’t left just yet!)

          Vildnis was born with Scandinavian origins but with the heart of London’s fashion scene. All pieces are perfect for the every-day and are sustainable, durable, and of the highest quality.

          The brand is honest, transparent and accountable, and creates a truly positive impact.


          The Netherlands

          Dutch brand Rhumaa creates gorgeous pieces with fairness at the heart of their brand. A percentage of their turnover goes to the Rhumaa Foundation, which supports projects and skill development programs in Cape Town.



            Meaning “pause” in Finnish, Tauko is rooted in a slow, relaxed and elegant fashion made from upcycled materials sourced from the hospitality sector. The incredible transformation of discarded fabrics to stunning garments is what makes Tauko so special.

            So it’s clear, the European Union is an oasis of sustainable fashion and we’re so proud of that. Don’t forget to use your democratic right and vote in the upcoming elections. As Europeans, we need to vote together so spread the hashtag #thistimeimvoting to spread awareness and raise that turnout!