2019 trends: What’s coming – what’s staying

It is still wintery and cold but we’re taking a glimpse into spring to see what trends are on their way. Luckily, a lot of things are staying just how they are. It seems a lot of us found 2018 fashion way too comfortable to give up quite so easily. So the upcoming freezing January and February means your warm winter wardrobe can stay as it is (for which your wardrobe and bank account will thank you), as can easy cozy loungewear, lots of layering and puffer jackets. Eighties inspired looks are also remaining, as is animal print and faux fur.

In terms of new trends, it’s enough of lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Instead we’re focussed on ethical animal prints, like faux snakeskin and leather, as well as a shoutout to coral reefs with Pantone’s colour of the year – Living Coral.  Last but not least is tie dye – it’s coming back so you gotta embrace it.

So what’s staying?


Warm, cozy clothes are here to stay (thank GOD). I’m glad that everyone has collectively agreed that warmth and comfort are at the top of the agenda for this season, so it looks like it’ll be knitwear galore. The trend of familiar, failsafe pieces isn’t going anywhere, so you can carry on throwing on what you want for easy everyday fashion.


2018 was all about playing with textures and volume aka time to accumulate as much as physically possible onto your body (the challenge was making it look good). We also saw a lot of big cape-like garments, which is essentially a blanket you can wear permanently? Dream come true. This was the perfect trend to fight the elements so it’ll be staying with us through 2019.


Oversized puffers were everywhere last year, they were so popular that they will be everywhere 2019 as well.  I’m glad that these comfy, cozy, beasts of jackets are staying in fashion because there’s nothing better than walking around with what is essentially a wearable duvet!


I don’t think I will ever not embrace 80s fashion. Sequins, glitter, power suits, neon, animal print – the list is endless (and bonus points if you mix them together, see: neon animal print). It looks like specifically we’ll see big shoulders and exaggerated tailoring as a popular 2019 trend.

Animal print & fake fur

Speaking of animal print, it definitely deserves its own section. Animal print and faux fur dominated the 2018 catwalks and it’s popularity has shown it won’t be disappearing in the near future, so you can keep on embracing your wildside. Leopard print has proved to be the top pick among the public, so this is a great place to start.

So what’s new?


We know animal print is here to stay, new is reptile print? Keep your eyes peeled for the emergence of snakeskin, as it’s taking the top spot for 2019 as we’ve already seen on a lot of boots, all faux, of course.

Faux Leather Everything

With the skyrocket of veganism and sustainability becoming more and more important in fashion, as we’ve seen among some of the most influential people, for example, Megan Markle. There was an increase in the popularity of faux leather, especially in accessories like earrings, belts and shoes.

Living coral

Pantone’s colour of the year is “Living Coral”, so expect to see it swarming your instagram. The colour was chosen to highlight the importance of coral reefs in our environment and is a perfect fit for the one-tone dressing trend, all-coral-everything.

Tie dye

Where tie dye used to be just associated with art teachers and hippies, it’s now all over the runways like on the Stella McCartney show. Yet, we didn’t really see it take off … maybe it’s destined to be a 2019 trend.