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Netta Reveals The Secrets of Second-Hand Shopping

Second Hand Shopping – a skill to have! We talked to Netta, who turned her passion into her profession and started her own second hand shop in Berlin. Read this and learn about her secrets to become a professional second hand shopper!

4 Ways to rock the Scandinavian Style

We reveal the secret behind the Scandinavian Style – once you understood it, it’s so much fun to style, especially with our fair clothes!

Style it: Headband

It’s a wrap! What comes around, goes around, and so do our headbands. We love how many ways of styling them exist and you will too! Read this and get inspired.

Fashionweek taught us – These are the trends of 2020!

It’s called fashion baby – check it out! We went to Fashion Week Berlin to find out what will be a trend in 2020. Do you want to know too? Read this and get excited for next year already!

Style it: The Jumpsuit

I’ve definitely found myself in a love-hate relationship with the jumpsuit. Sometimes, I feel like you have to be a 6ft supermodel for them to look good. And don’t even get me started on going to the bathroom. However, seeing more and more women of all shapes and sizes rocking the romper, I’ve realised they […]

8 European labels you can’t afford to miss

fineyellow is a proud European team and as its the EU elections this week, we’re showcasing our favourite European brands. Its a continent full of culture, languages, food and a LOT of sustainable fashion.

Style it: The denim skirt

It’s Spring and time to change up our wardrobes. Our warm-weathered staples are starting to make an appearance and we’re starting off with this denim skirt by Frisur. Keep reading to see exactly how to style it.

Top pieces to set you up for spring

Spring is finally here. The clocks have sprung forward so we have longer days and shorter evenings and super cold mornings and hot-hot afternoons. Here’s how to nail your springtime outfits and get through the season in style.

Want to step up your sustainable basics? Read this first

Are you a fashion maximalist? Is outlandish your middle name? Is the word ‘basic’ even more terrifying to you than the thought of being boring? Well, basics really aren’t that scary, read on and you’ll see the light.

13 things to look for in ethical brands

How do I know a brand is ethical? What should I look out for? What are the best materials? We want to help you find conscious fashion in the simplest way. So here’s a guide on how to ensure you’re really shopping in accordance with your values.

Power your day in style with these workwear essentials

Workwear doesn’t have to be boring, you can totally be that corporate goddess. We’re all about comfort, when you’re comfortable – you’re confident. Let’s walk through the ultimate workwear outfits that bring out your creative flair.

Valentine’s Day finds for your favourite (or yourself)

I’m sure when Cupid was striking his arrow he didn’t expect your true love’s one desire to be a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, this year try something a bit different with our faultless gift guide to really get the flames going.

Bend in style with these yoga essentials

Time to refresh your workout wardrobe with perfectly patterned leggings, the best yoga mat you’ve ever seen and a matching backpack to hold it all. Here’s fineyellow’s favourite yoga brands that look good, do good and make you feel amazing.

7 brands we fell in love with at Berlin fashion week

Berlin Fashion Week AW19. Say hello to chic sportswear, club attire, oversized-wear, big puffer jackets, 80s neon, velour and lots of deep purples, maroons and burgundy. Here’s fineyellow’s fashion week rundown.

2019 trends: What’s coming – what’s staying

Take a glimpse into spring to see what’s on offer for next year’s top trends. Some things are staying just as they are but we’re forecasting a win for the ethical fashion gals with lots of faux animal print and faux leather!

6 knits that are (almost) better than grandma’s

Whether it’s for lounging around at home or cosying up to face the cold weather outside, a chunky knit is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. From capes to slight, simple turtlenecks, you’ll find them all right here.

Dress to impress: Enter 2019 in style

If you love getting dressed up in December, this one’s for you. Here’s our guide to the most fabulous festive outfits for December 2019. From Christmas day to your office party to New Year’s Eve, all the inspiration you need is right here.

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