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Fair Trainer White Cap Lo Cut Collection 19 Shell | Just White


Delivery time:
Germany: 3-5 days | Europe: 3-7 days

Shipping cost:
€ 4.50 Germany | € 7.50 Europe

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It is so clean here! Ethletics all-time favorite, the White Cap Lo-Cut, stands more than ever for stylish minimalism. This is down to the new tone-in-tone logo blind embossing on the heel and how it harmonizes with the white cap. The cotton patch on the tongue reveals the new -ethletic- logo. With no stripes on the surrounding sole strip you will fall in love with far longer than just a summer.

Ethletic products are made solely from resources of certified Fairtrade supply chains. The governing Fairtrade body ensures that premiums are received by participating producers and manufacturers every step of the way. Ethletic has also established its own fairtrade projects in the local communities where our production facilities are based. Ethletic products are made using only sustainable resources. While the Fairtrade system ensures that producers and manufacturers receive their fair share today, sustainability means that these agricultural areas maintain their economic potential for generations to come. Ethletic pays an additional premium of 15% of production cost to the families of workers employed in the production facilities. This money is independently administered and used primarily for health insurance, retirement benefits or to support local education. Some 2% of the retail price is paid to FLO-CERT, the inspection and certification body for Fairtrade. It monitors the standards governing the production, buying and selling of Fairtrade products and has the power to issue the Fairtrade seal where deemed appropriate.

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