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Beautiful Knitwear made from happy sheep

Based in Berlin, Zue Anna produces beautiful knitwear from merino wool. Zue Anna guarantees not only an amazing product but also a great life for their sheep. That’s why they are pushing the industry forward with their in-house animal welfare standards. Farmers and shearers on Rosemont Farm only do slow shearing and get paid bonuses for preventing injuries to the flock. Not only are Zue Anna’s sweaters made from high-quality wool, but they are also sewn by hand in northern Italy. Meaning you’ll love these amazing sweaters not just for a season but for a lifetime!
  • Use of organic fibers
  • No sulfur treatment
  • Wool is farmed safely and fairly at Rosemont Farm
  • The sweaters are produced locally in northern Italy
  • No mulesing, tail-docking, or dehorning
  • Space to roam: there’s more than 100m² of pasture per sheep
  • Sheep get medical care and enjoy retirement (no slaughterhouses!)
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