Reinventing eyewear with 3D-printed glasses manufactured in Munich

Two friends from their youth, one is product designer, the other graphic designer, four years of development, three new technologies and a common vision: reinvented, customizable 3D-printed eyewear. With “THE REVOLUTION IS YOU” as the motto of VOYOU, the brand founded by Aurélien Mierswa and Stefan Roesinger is highly inspired by people whose work has a positive cultural and social influence on daily lives. Combining innovation, timeless aesthetics and sustainability, VOYOU offers long-lasting and perfectly fitted glasses.
Eco Sustainability
  • All models manufactured in Germany, avoiding long transport distances
  • The idea of sustainability is reflected in VOYOU’s joint: frames with long service life thanks to the integrated overload protection
  • VOYOU counteracts the overproduction widespread in the eyewear industry by producing in smaller batches with 3D printing up to individual production
  • Three new technologies enable the optician to make full use of his craftsmanship and to offer long-lasting and perfectly fitted glasses
  • VOYOU's patent-pending, ball-and-socket joint has a unique function: it allows the bow to yield in the event of overload and even to jump off
  • The can be reattached in a matter of seconds with one hand movement
  • First 3D-printed glasses worldwide to have a metal inlay in the temple
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