Transparent, sustainable and stylish fashion

Vildnis’ founder, Ulla, has always had a passion for fashion and an insatiable curiosity. For over a decade, she worked in the fashion industry and that experience sparked her motivation to help create a more sustainable world: Vildnis was born. Vildnis’ style is rooted in its founder’s Scandinavian origins and her experience in the unconventional London fashion scene. The brand designs garments that are fashionable and as sustainable as possible. In addition to making beautiful clothes for every-day life, Vildnis has an unwavering drive to be honest, transparent and accountable, and thus create true positive impact.
  • Designed for high quality and durability
  • All fabrics made from either organic natural fibres, closed-loop regenerated natural fibres or recycled synthetic fibres
  • All fabrics dyes are compliant with the REACH legislation
  • All print inks are OEKO-TEX certified
  • Digital printing to minimize the environment impact
  • Hangtag string and main label made from recycled or organic materials
  • Committed to not using fur, angora and non-certified wool
  • Committed to using recycled wool or recycled leather when possible
  • Use of innovative and low-impact materials such as Tencel or Seacell
  • Use of finishing techniques to minimize water consumption (such as G2, E-flow and laser technology for denim)
  • Cartons returns form and mailing bag all made from recycled materials
  • Transparent supply chain by having only 2 factories
  • Strict controls to ensure fair treatment and payment of workers
  • All factories are audited yearly
  • Factory in Portugal follows the Ethical Trading Initiatives
  • Factory in India is Sedex and SA8000 certified
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