This is HER - powerfull, diverse feminine

While working in the corporate world Halima the founder of This is HER never felt like herself. It took her some time to understand that the clothes she was required to wear didn’t support her femininity since they were derived from mens suits. Unfortunately this is still the norm in professional work environments and there are few options for women. After her revelation she took things into her own hands and created a workwear line for female professionals. Her clothes are inspired by female needs and designed to support a woman’s journey. Of course for full female empowerment manufacturing also has to keep the women in mind that make the clothes. Therefore This is HER produces in a female founded and run factory in Portugal with high ethical standards, that was chosen out of 20 factories Halima visited in person to find the perfect fit.
  • Slow fashion: timeless designs, no collections, new pieces are added from time to time
  • Products are designed for longevity and crafted in a high-end factory with strict quality standards
  • Local products: sourcing and production in Europe
  • Usage of mostly natural materials and overstock leftover and upcycled fabric where possible
  • The founder has personally visited and vetted the factory
  • The factory pays an attractive, above living wage package including career development and healthcare benefits
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