Cool girl ease with a minimalist touch

To Christina, founder of THE SEPT, “simplify” is the magic word: Her home is her sanctuary and she can’t stand an overflowing wardrobe. Therefore Christina has always been super selective of what she adds to her wardrobe, only picking clothes from natural materials that have simple colours and fit in perfectly with the clothes she already owns. When her friends kept asking where she got these beautiful basics from, she noticed how hard it is to find simple, high-quality pieces amongst all the fast fashion and decided to found THE SEPT. THE SEPT is a slow fashion label dedicated to minimalism and clean design, never at the expense of a cool girl ease. Simple basics with a soft and organic feel. Ethically made from carefully selected materials in limited quantities. Designed in Germany. Made in Portugal.
Eco Sustainability
  • Slow Fashion; no collections, new basics are added from time to time
  • Production of timeless basics
  • High-quality materials to enhance the life of products
  • Production of small quantities only
  • Products are made from the same materials – linen, cotton, lyocell and same colors – to reduce production waste
  • Sourcing from European suppliers only to ensure high fabric and yarn quality
  • Fair working conditions and payment
  • Locally produced in the hills of Porto, Portugal
  • Close relationship with the factories
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