Finnish elegance made from upcycled materials

“Pause”. In Finland, where the brand is rooted, that’s the meaning of the word “TAUKO". However, even though the fashion house’s Nordic aesthetics may evoke stillness, its sustainability commitments are anything but minimalist. For TAUKO’s two founders, creating beautiful pieces does not go without a strong ecological engagement, and the brand’s primary source of materials are recycled textiles that were used in the hospitality sector. Through careful designs inspired by contemporary art, TAUKO’s designers elevate discarded fabrics to the rank of stunning garments, which will be cherished for a long time.
  • High quality ensures that clothes will be worn for a long time
  • Discarded textiles as a main fabric source reduce the environmental impact
  • Production in Europe (Finland and Estonia) reduces transportation emissions
  • Recycling of discarded textiles from hotels and restaurants
  • Use of surplus knit and yarn in some garments
  • Constant improvement of recycling methods for higher quality
  • Production standards are based on honesty, respect and kindness
  • Frequent visits to production sites (Finland, Estonia) to ensure fair conditions
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