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Brazilian swimwear and jewelry

Inspired by her Brazilian heritage, Domitila set up her socially and environmentally conscious beachwear and jewelry label – She Is From The Jungle. Her body positive bikinis and bathing suits, as well as her delicately handcrafted jewelry made of golden grass shine with exotic femininity. Simultaneously, the label features Domitila’s sincere passion for doing good, as a significant percentage of the label’s income is donated to a social justice NGO and all her products are sourced from local, female artisans in Brazil. Read More on Why Fairness and Sustainability are Important to Us.

  • Jewelry made from golden grass from the North of Brazil.
  • No conflict minerals used and no environmental pollution associated with mining.

  • 10% of profits go to the street-child Project CAMM in a Slum in the Northeast of Brazil.
  • Collaboration with local, female artisans from Brazil to help the local economy.
  • Exclusive sourcing from mothers working from home to provide them with a sustainable income source while taking care of their children.

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