Truly guilt-free clothing

While fashion is transient, the ethos of Rakha is drawn from the classics: understated, contemporary garments. The brand does not follow the seasons or trends but rather focuses on re-designing those classic pieces. Rakha’s approach to sustainability is through creating garments made from biodegradable or recycled natural materials, aiming to achieve a closed-loop system, where everything is either a technical or biological degradable. Social and environmental responsibility is an integral part of Rakha’s strategy and practice.
  • In order to increase the chances for the garments to either being recycled into new materials or bio-degraded Rakha ensures the use of only mono-non mixed materials
  • Only recycled or biodegradable materials are used to create garments
  • Over 80% of Rakha’s fabrics is GRS certified
  • Use of C2C certified accessories
  • Rakha uses only GOTS certified Peace Silk
  • Majority of the fabrics used are Vegan certified
  • Cooperation with only green manufacturers, with established environmental management systems to limit the carbon impact and waste
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