Chic and casual bags made from appleskin

Nuuwai’s story is rooted in the personal experience of its founder, Svenja. She had been a vegan for several years, and had been searching for a sustainable alternative to conventional vegan bags. That’s when she stumbled upon “APPLESKIN”, and innovative material made of 50% remnants from the apple industry. After various stages of processing, this material is used to create Nuuwai’s beautiful bags. The brand crafts bags that are not only vegan and sustainable, but also a modern blend of chic and casual that will appeal to all ecological fashion lovers out there!
  • Use of innovative and low-impact materials
  • Majority of materials not derived from petro-chemicals
  • Lining of the bags reduces ocean pollution
  • High-quality materials and designs for durability
  • All products are entirely vegan
  • Material is made of 50% upcycled apple remnants
  • Lining is made of 100% upcycled plastic ocean waste (plastic bottles and fishnets)
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