Take a walk on the ethical side

Nae stands for No Animal Exploitation. The vegan footwear brand from Portugal offers a fair, animal-friendly and sustainable alternative without compromising on Portuguese quality footwear design. Nae products are manufactured only in certified factories, where employees are respected and don’t use any product from animal origin or that damages the environment.
  • Use of organic cotton, which means no chemicals are used in the cultivation and production process and the plants grow with rain
  • Use of only ecological microfibers with OEKO-TEX certificates. This guarantees that there is no water or energy waste in the production
  • The health of the 150 farmers that produce cotton in Brazil is assured by labor certifications and by the project OCCGuarantee
  • None of the products are made from animal origin
  • Use of recycled airbags to make some models of shoes. They were produced with the intention of giving a new life to a material that is no longer useful
  • Contribution to waste recycling by using leaf fibers from consumed pineapples in production to create pinatex shoe models
  • Use of cork that is extracted from protected cork oaks, respecting the trees development and without damaging the tree
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