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Beautiful bags made with love and dedication

The Berlin-based fashion label Marin et Marine was brought to life by the two twin sisters Caroline-Marine and Valérie. Both feel deeply connected with the maritime air of France and love to own only a few, special things. These two personal characteristics have heavily influenced their independent bag label Marin et Marine. Its reinterpretations of the classic marine backpack combined with careful development, fair and slow production, as well as sustainable materials make each of their products unique. And for the two sisters, it’s a dream come true: They can identify themselves not only with their beautiful classical designs but with every step of the production and that, according to them, “is just such a great feeling”.
  • Organic cotton and sheep’s wool from German suppliers that uphold European environmental standards
  • Cooperation with European tanneries that fulfil European environmental standards
  • Regional sourcing of materials to ensure short transportation distances
  • The leather is a by-product from the meat industry
  • Manufacturing, dyeing and vegetable tanning in Europe to guarantee fair salaries and working conditions
  • Heavy emphasis on traditional manufacturing skills
  • Slow fashion: no collections, new items are added from time to time
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