LUXAA Fashion Brand Logo

Innovative aesthetics - grounded in sustainability

Luxaa® stands for minimalistic aesthetics, highly innovative materials, as well as a holistic sustainability vision. Each item is characterized by clean cuts without unnecessary distractions. The materials used results from active research to new innovate materials and most of the materials are fully recyclable. Thus the brand represents the perfect blend between innovative research, design and sustainability.
  • Low transport-induced emissions, as everything is produced in Germany
  • Many products are designed with the Cradle to Cradle approach, or recyclable
  • Plastic is not used for packaging
  • All materials are biologically certified (for example GOTS)
  • Many items are Cradle to Cradle or recyclable, such as Tyvek
  • Textile innovation with Tyvek® yarn, a patented and unique invention that can be 100% recycled
  • Choice of supplier/producer based on social working conditions
  • In their production facilities, they ensure compliance with appropriate working conditions and social standards (e.g. no child labour)
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