Sustainable London-based jewellery that makes a difference

The founders Annabel and Georgina combined their passions for design and food into the sustainable jewellery brand Little by Little. The collections are inspired by the natural beauty found in food and are lovingly created using recycled gold and silver from Lima, Peru. Annabel and Georgina want the brand to be more than just a business and so they work together with Luminary Bakery, a London-based charity, to give women from disadvantaged backgrounds a second chance to learn new skills and become independent.
  • Materials are either recycled Peruvian silver or virgin metal supplied by companies with environmental certifications
  • The packaging is 100% recycled and made in the UK
  • To become closer to their goal of 2019 to become zero-waste, Little by Little repairs any jewellery purchased less than 12 months ago
  • From every purchase, Little by Little donates sufficient funds to train a disadvantaged woman at Luminary bakery for a day
  • Cooperation with a Peruvian factory that gives jobs to people with no prior technical experience, training them in the art of jewellery production.
  • Annabel has visited the factory and is satisfied that it is a safe, well-equipped and spacious place to work
  • The metal suppliers have certifications that meet strict labour standards and comply with human rights laws
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