Slow fashion by people that deeply care

The two founders, Nathalie and Christian, both worked in the fashion industry before founding their own label. In their previous jobs they saw the lack of sustainability in most of the fashion labels. So Nathalie and Christian began to dream of a clothing line that would be good for all living creatures, whether that be plants, animals or humans. Before founding the brand in 2005 Nathalie stayed in a Buddhist monastery to focus on her future path. After that, she was sure she wanted to found the label Les Racines du Ciel with Christian. The name actually means Roots of Heaven. They focus on making the customers aware of the clothing value, its social and environmental components and encourage people to live better with less.
  • The label choses humane workshops in Bulgaria and Portugal
  • The raw materials are certified or have high environmental standards
  • All dies are GOTS certified.
  • Usage of Egyptian organic cotton because of the length and quality of its fibres
  • The organic cotton is produced in the Cotton for Life programme. This is a partnership between Egyptian farmers and an Italian cotton mill, both dedicated to ecological and social practices
  • Wool is sourced from traditional farms that have not undergone productivism. The Alpaca wool is spun and dyed in Italy by a committed company which buys alpaca wool from Peruvian cooperatives
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