Timeless knitwear designed for men and women who value unique pieces

For Julie, the founder of L’Envers, it is essential to perpetuate a family legacy of the French Northern textile industry with respect to our environment. With collections that transcend the seasons, L’Envers highlights quality and not quantity. All the pieces are from raw materials, selected exclusively from French and Spanish spinning mills, knitted with care, love, and patience in small family workshops in Spain. For Julie, ethics and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Therefore she makes authentic, beautiful pieces while respecting all social and environmental aspects of the production process.
  • Limiting ecological footprint by proximity of suppliers and the traceability of all components
  • The cotton comes from Brazil, a traditional perennial Moco cotton, pure and biodegradable
  • 100% organic, undyed cotton: grown without using toxic pesticides or fertilizers, free from genetic modification, and without any irrigation (only rain water)
  • All materials are carefully selected from local mills in France and Spain
  • All pieces are knitted in local productions to build personalised and lasting relationships with each of L’Envers’ partners
  • Keeping local traditions alive by organizing meetings with workshops at local farms and mills
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