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Unique prints that tell a story

Komana’s founders, Livia and Nina, are fascinated by pretty much everything that is out of the ordinary: From folklore and tribal arts, to the wonders of nature, or the worlds of artists and musicians. Their clothes, recognizable by the fun and original patterns, are developed through old fashioned methods such as paint brushing, collage, or free hand drawing. The result is a collection that stands out through its beauty and aesthetics, its playful uniqueness, as well as its unfailing creativity. Read More on Why Fairness and Sustainability are Important to Us.

  • Use of organic materials (mostly certified).
  • No application of hazardous dyes.
  • Waste reduced by embedding cut offs into the design.

  • The manufacturer in Jaipur (India) is accreditied by the Fair Trade Federation.
  • Production by European standards in London (UK).
  • Support of artisan based textile craft (e.g. wood block printing).
  • Sourcing of local and fairly traded fabrics.

Products will be added soon. Cannot wait? Drop us a line at: hello@fineyellow.com