Increadibly soft products from Nepalese natural fabrics

Kalilo is the result of its founders love and obsession to natural fibres. After travelling Nepal and touching an incredibly soft, handspun yak blanket Daiva had to make a business out of it. At Kalilo you therefore find products made of high quality yak wool, which is extremely warm and breathable, as well as being soft and durable. On top of this products are made of soft, warm cashmere as well as bamboo which is a renewable resource. Since Daiva is a huge advocate of quality over quantity for her there was no way around building a fair brand that takes care of the people in their supply chain. Therefore they research their producers in detail before starting deep long-term relationships. Kalilos goal is to be in command of their entire supply chain eventually so that they can create jobs and source raw materials locally and make sure everybody is treated fairly.
  • Direct collaboration with the suppliers that weave and knit the fabrics
  • A lot of research goes into sourcing new suppliers to make sure they have fair working conditions
  • Cashmere is sourced from transparent and traceable supply-chains
  • Working with Bamboo which is a quickly growing resource
  • Suppliers closely work with farmers to improve grassland quality for the animals
  • Yaks are a household-animal in Nepal and the wool is sold as a by-product. This means that there is no mass-production and therefore no over-grazing or desertification of grasslands
  • Yak wool is naturally shed in spring and harvested through combing - which results in a cruelty-free animal treatment
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