High-performance, vegan designer handbags made in Italy

Jenah means “paradise” in Arabic and the brand's motto is to follow your heart until you get there. In this spirit French born, Berlin-based designer and founder Jena creates long-lasting timeless vegan bags that are produced with the planet, its people and animals in mind while looking great in any situation, business or leisure. Jena started her journey founding a belt and bag start-up together with her boyfriend. Living vegan she started questioning the materials, especially leather, that they were using. She researched alternatives and developed a bag that corresponded with her ethics. Her beautiful vegan designer bags are made in Italy, from durable materials that will look great on you for a long time since they are water-proof and scratch-resistant.
  • Vegan leather made out of Ecolable and REACH certified PU and microfibers
  • Small distances: Local production in Italy, Florence
  • Long lasting: Durable materials are used
  • Production and social standards according to EU regulations
  • All materials are fully vegan
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