Let’s spread good vibes, people!

The name HIITU means “feather” in Caddo, the language of the Skidi Pawnee - Native Americans originating from Nebraska. The maternal roots of the brand’s founders and sisters Carlotta and Rosalie derive from this tribe. This heritage is the inspiration for the brand and its pursuit of synergy among humans as well as between humans and nature. They create small and unique collections with pure dedication and love using fine natural materials. The two sisters believe in the importance of maintaining harmony in the relationships with their artisans and manufacturers in Kenya, Morocco, Portugal, and India. They hope that the positive energy created will reach you and from there the “good vibes” will keep spreading!
  • The leather sourced from Italy is vegetable tanned and therefore free of chemicals
  • Use of high-quality natural materials for jewelry
  • Encouragement of traditional African artisan skills
  • Use of yarn from the "Cotton made in Africa" initiative, that supports African small scale cotton farmers
  • HIITU makes sure that their workers get fair wages and work under ethical conditions
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