Brand providing sustainable bags for a lifetime

Founded in 1936, Harold’s is a family-owned bag manufacturer that uses high-quality natural leather and relies on organic quality yarns. The design of the bags takes place in Obertshausen, Germany, while crafting of the separate details is in the hands of long-trusted partners from India and Colombia. Harold’s bags do not only have an aesthetic design but are also manufactured with the aim to ensure long-time use.
  • Vegetable tanning technique without any chemicals
  • The cattle live in the outdoor areas, often in the mountains and are fed with natural grass
  • Use of organic cotton for bag-lining and sustainable cotton packaging
  • The production site has extensive safety regulations corresponding to European standards
  • The factory workers have medical, industrial and social insurance packages
  • Manufacturers are not allowed to work more than 2 hours overtime per week and are given paid vacation days
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