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Timeless classics with a Latino touch

Inspired from the personal story of its founder, the ethical knitwear brand Graciela Huam is rooted in both the Dutch and Peruvian cultures. Each item is a harmonious blend of modern design and expert craftsmanship and shines a new light on the traditional Peruvian knitwear production techniques. By only using locally-sourced materials such as Peruvian Alpaca or Pima Cotton, Graciela Huam’s vibrant knitwear is of uncompromising quality and can be loved for many years.
  • All materials are sourced and produced in Peru to minimize carbon emissions from transportation.
  • Usage of handmade rather than industrial production techniques, to further reduce the carbon emissions
  • High quality pieces, that can be worn for a long time and thus reducing their environmental impact
  • Partnerships with local artisans and entrepreneurs to benefit the Peruvian economic and social development.
  • Support of the women working as knitting artisans.
  • Participation in fair trade and application of those principles with all suppliers.
  • Support of the local heritage and encouragement of traditional production techniques.
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