A forward-thinking independent brand

Lead by the belief in tactile sense, driven by curiosity and founded on an attitude of respect, Frisur focuses on classic, yet current designs, quality construction and hand-picked materials. As fashion designers, they believe in offering the best tactile experience possible. For that reason, they explore the sensual diversity of materials and choose their fabrics mindfully. Frisur is a personal project and therefore a reflection of the designers’ values – they treat their surroundings with respect by aiming for substantial quality.
  • Designed for high quality and to outlast trends
  • Focus on natural and cellulose fibres not derived from petrochemicals (such as eco-cotton and wool)
  • Low CO2 emissions due to choices of natural material
  • Low CO2 emissions due to short travel routes of garments
  • Some items are biodegradable and can be composted
  • Use of innovative and low-impact materials such as Tencel
  • All supliers are in the EU
  • Regularly visits to suppliers to ensure fair working conditions
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