Handmade fairtrade fashion and accessories

Lisa Jaspers founded her brand FOLKDAYS in 2013 with the aim to reinvent sustainable fashion: timeless, fairtrade, with a strong design and products made to last. The idea came to her when she was traveling the world in her former job as a development aid consultant and saw the beautiful designs she had a passion for. All products are handmade by artisans in places like India, Cambodia or Peru. Folkdays is very strict about paying fair wages, treating their partners with respect and supporting disadvantaged groups of artisans. Apart from leading her team of 8 and her shop in Berlin, Lisa is passionately involved in political actions around the fashion industry and a very inspiring person. Her book “starting a revolution” is a must read for anybody leading a team.
  • Buying directly from their suppliers at fair, self-determined prices
  • Products are often paid in advance so artisans can produce without financial pressure
  • Supporting traditional crafts and cultural heritage
  • Working with many women-run businesses, social businesses and indigenous people
  • Products are high quality and designed to last
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