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Sustainable Fair Trade Vegan Sneakers from Germany

Ethletic didn’t start in a business room or with a business plan; the brand began with a ball in Pakistan. Specifically, the first fairly produced soccer ball in the world. After running a successful crowdsourcing campaign for Karma Chakhs – good shoes with good karma, Ethletic found their final product.

Ethletic’s employees in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Germany share one goal: to produce fashionable, modern shoes under humane working conditions. Ethletic makes its shoes from certified FAIRTRADE supply chains, ensuring that premiums go to all participating producers and manufacturers. Its products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and sustainably sourced. Read More on Why Fairness and Sustainability are Important to Us

  • Production preserves agricultural land & safeguards against harmful monocultures
  • Only organic cotton and natural rubbers are used
  • No pesticides or toxic chemicals
  • 100% vegan
  • Raw materials are sourced from land that doesn’t compromise the animal habitat through monocultures and overexploitation
  • Fair wages for production workers
  • Pays 15% of production costs to the workers’ families for health insurance, retirement benefits or to support local education
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