Timeless and elegant accessories and garments produced with the “zero-waste” approach

The story of the brand Clara Himmel started in 2015 at the kitchen table with a sewing machine and a pile of materials. Today the brand produces a wide range of minimalistic yet timeless and elegant garments and accessories. Clara, the founder, is guided by the philosophy that the products we wear should not only fit us visually but also make us feel better. And to create this positive experience, Clara works with passion and enthusiasm, paying attention to every detail.
  • Use of high quality materials to ensure long duration of the products
  • No overproduction due to “just-in-time” production method
  • Cut constructions of the machines are adopted to avoid any waste of materials while sewing
  • The entire process from design, production to shipping takes place in the studio in Dortmund to minimize the carbon footprint
  • Close relationships with suppliers and employees are ensured as Clara participates in the production herself
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