Sustainable dresses for every body type

AYANI creates functional and elegant dresses that you can wear to work, a conference or to a dinner with friends. The dresses are designed in a way that they look great on any body type and will make you feel super comfortable. The garments are produced in a small, family-owned factory in Armenia. AYANI is not chasing trends and works to produce quality design with a carefully selected colour-palette.
  • Supporting "Less is more" philosophy, AYANI produce limited amount of designs to minimize waste
  • The sample garments are washed at least 20 times before they are put into production, which guarantees that the fabrics are long-lasting
  • All garments are sent in recycled paper-based materials
  • Guarantee of adequate working conditions and fair wages to the workers of the factory in Armenia. The founder travels there regularly to ensure transparency in production and to build closer relationships with suppliers
  • Donation of part of the profits to local organizations in Armenia which aim to minimize poverty, reduce unemployment and fight for preserving the landscape of our planet
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