Minimalistic and timeless style that has a story behind every garment

The founder of ADVA, Aneta, believes that fashion is important for expressing your personality and that it, therefore, is imperative to remove all the negatives from the creation process. Her clothes are hand-made garments that are pleasing to the touch and made from organic materials. Also, ADVA emphasizes the importance of good relationships with key actors of the process: material suppliers and seamstresses. Aneta wanted ADVA to be exactly this, a company with a happy crowd behind it, ethical style and customers who like both the garment and its story.
  • Use of GOTS certified organic cotton which minimises impact on the environment
  • Use of 100% biodegradable bamboo that grows without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
  • Recycled polyester used for the production of tops comes from: PET bottles, industrial polyester waste, and even old garments
  • Use of Tencel/ Lyocell which is a cellulose fiber derived from wood pulp in a unique closed loop system and is biodegradable
  • Working with individual seamstresses mainly in London allows ADVA to establish and maintain personal relationships and make sure the working conditions are fair and sustainable
  • QR code on every product allows to see the story of every seamstress who put the garment together
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